Where does Abbotsford's water come from?
A: Abbotsford drinking water comes from deep Precambrian granite bedrock aquifer, an underground rock formation where water collects in small spaces among rocks. Groundwater originates as rain or snow, soaks into the ground, and is naturally filtered through layers of soil and rock before replenishing the aquifer.

Why is some drinking water stored in large tanks high above the ground?
A: This type of water storage ensures that water pressure and volume are stabilized.

Abbotsford has added a new water treatment plant and now has an ample and reliable supply of water, so why should I conserve?
A: If the utility has to meet rising customer demand every year to accommodate population growth, it must continually increase its pumping and delivery capacity, and it could eventually need to find additional sources of water. Each increase in capacity and supply means increased costs to develop and operate; these, in turn, eventually lead to an increase in customer rates. Therefore, it is less expensive for everyone to invest in water conservation than increased supply.

Can I pay my bill on line?
A: Yes. Go to www.ci.abbotsford.wi.us

How does Abbotsford set its water rates?
A: Water rates are set by the Public Service Commission through rate cases in which the utility requests pricing to cover its costs of providing the service.

How do I open an account or ask questions about my account?
A: You may contact City Hall 715-223-3444. Between the hours of 8:00 am and 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday